Strategic Plan

FTIAN’s strategic plan is not about specific initiatives, for that is for the FTIAN members to determine, rather it is about enabling cost effective, quality service delivery through network collaboration.

Purpose of the Strat plan

The strategic Plan will enable members to have a shared vision and a means of measuring the strategic alignment of any initiative with the FTIAN mandate, articulating risk of any activity, implementation complexity, urgency of any arising issue and the return on member’s time and resource investment.

This FTIAN Strategic Plan was developed in consultation with the Governance Commit- tee, key informant members of FTIAN and community members.

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Flemingdon Park Toronto Thorncliffe Park
Population 21,933 21,108
Population Density 9,026 people km sq 4,195 people km sq 6,787 people km sq
Mother tongue not English 69.5% 47% 73.9%
Immigrants 64% 51.2% 63.7%
Visible Minority Population 78.6% 51.5% 79.2%
Median Household Income $48,917 $65,829 $46,595
Renter households 55.3% 47.2% 88.9%
Bachelor’s degree or higher 34.9% 44.1% 41.1%
Unemployment Rate 10.6% 8.2% 12.7%